Interacting with Your Users

One thing that is very important to your small online business is accessibility. If you can be easily contacted as a person, then this will build more trust in your business. People look for someone that they could relate to. They are not willing to buy from someone who is either distant or unwilling to interact.

For one thing, the users might have a few questions that may pertain to the product, service or company. This is where you get to share your expertise om the product and let them know what they could do about it.

Some users might have questions or even comments about your topic. This is where you may have to develop a thick skin. Some users might have a good point that you missed. This is where humility comes in.

If you can make your users feel valued, then you will most likely keep them as opposed to fighting with them, even if they started problems. A lot of users also look at the way you as the business owner handles them. If you show that you have control of your situation, they will be more likely to order from your site.

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